Token Sale is Completed SUCCESSFULLY!

HireMatch connects Job Seekers and Job Finders using the Blockchain and the cryptocurrency ‘HIRE’.

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Cast a wider net using HireMatch. Our agents post to social networks, job boards and many other outlets, sending you only the highest quality candidates at a fraction of the time and cost.

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Use our software to manage candidates and prospects. You can schedule interviews and score candidates. Make great decisions with our community sending your pre qualified, verified candidates.

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HireMatch gives you powerful tools for managing every candidate in your database, complete with the power of blockchain technology. Take advantage of crowdsourcing to find candidates.

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Powerful API

Our API allows third-parties to submit candidates directly into your applicant pool. Our API also enables agents to earn revenue by submitting and verifying candidates, delivering to you only the highest quality applicants.

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How to Aquire Hire Tokens


Spread the word about HireMatch and increase awareness by publishing articles, creating podcasts and participating in Ted Talks. These all help us grow together and improve.
Limited amount of HIRE will be available to verified recruiting firms and agencies. Claim your interest in the HireMatch Beta today.
The primary usage of the token is to incentivize user agents to find, verify and submit candidates to job listings on our platform. Anyone can earn HIRE tokens by using our mobile application or developing an application that interacts with our API to perform these actions.
HIRE will be listed HitBTC, one of the top 10 exchanges in the world and also on other major exchanges, announcements will be made as they come in by the HireMatch team.

HireMatch Roadmap