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HireMatch.io is patent pending decentralized employment marketplace that doesn't rely on traditional recruiters or "headhunters".
Join with us to build the future of Employment by participating in the crowdsale!

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  • 1 ETH : 2,100 HIRE
  • You receive


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Information

Read our HireMatch.io ICO Whitepaper if you need more information regarding how to participate in the HireMatch.io Initial Coin Offering. This document describes how to obtain Ether, how to create an Ethereum wallet, how to participare in the HireMatch.io Crowdsale and how to verify you have received your (HIRE) Tokens.

The HireMatch.io Initial Coin Offering (ICO) begins on October 1st, 9:45AM EST and ends on October 31st, 9:45AM EST. Once the ICO begins, you can send Ether to our ICO Contract Address given. Do not send ETH to ANY address before the starting date or your money will be lost and you will need to repeat the process.

Crowdsale Information

Total Fixed Supply:
100,000,000 Units (HIRE Tokens)

Crowdsale Details:
Starting Date:
October 1st, 9:45AM EST
Ending Date:
October 31st, 9:45AM EST

Cap & Payment:
Cap: 78,000,000 (HIRE) Tokens (78%)
Payment: ETH

1 ETH = 1,800 HIRE Tokens

Funding Goal:
APPROX. 40,000 ETH

Suggested Token Symbol:

HireMatch.io software supports many different blockchain platforms. As a matter of convenience, we have chosen Ethereum (ETH) as the platform from which the primary distribution contracts and token management software operate. We felt separating the concerns across platforms would make management and coordination untenable.

Use of Crowdsale Funds

Funds that are raised will go towards the following for HireMatch.io:

More Developers:
Additional high quality software engineers will be added to HireMatch.io to develop the ambitious applications.

UI/UX Design:
Reliable professional UI/UX designers will be brought in-house to create a high end user experience across all applications.

Marketing & Public Relations:
v1.0 of our product will compete with mainstream products in the market(CareerBuilder.com, Monster.com, etc.). To accomplish this task we will utilize a combination of traditional and new marketing campaigns to onboard companies to post job opportunities.

Business Operations:
We will aquire the best and brightest management and C-Level executives.

Capital Reserve:
Most of the capital will be kept in reserve for bootstrapping development. A portion of the funds are earmarked for potential acquisition/acqui-hire opportunities and group opportunities that benefit the project.


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